Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Why free speech is vital and how we keep it a basic human right?

My friend, colleague and psychologist Peter Milligan and myself have had a number of conversations recently about free speech. We've decided to record them with the view to widening the conversation. Here's the first

Be remarkable.

Monday, 24 September 2018

My 9 key lessons from not participating in social and mainstream media for a month

It's now a month since I started my experiment of not participating in social or mainstream media for a month and seeking more human to human connection. You can read my reasons for doing this here.

Here's my 9 key lessons:

1) I've enjoyed and given and gained great value from conversations in person and online where there wasn't a smart phone distracting or disrupting us.

2) I have a couple of hours per day to be a better human, and to better experience nature and other humans.

I'm better and wiser for the experience particularly as I can invest in more deep work a concept I love.

Here's an example of this: since Monday the 3rd I've invested 30 minutes a day of my extra 2 hours using the Pink Sheet process from Matt Church and Peter Cook at Thought Leaders to upgrade my intellectual property.

I combined this with previous work. Result is that what I've got in store for my clients is "less but better."

3) Life is so much better without the negativity, self-interest and bias, and the bullshit (fake news, lies and propaganda) of all forms of the media.

4) As a consequence of unsubscribing from emails that are just fronts for trying to flog me stuff I don't want or need my in-box is much easier to empty every day and my replies to other emails are better and more valuable to the recipients.

5) I'm much more relaxed. I feel a better human. I'm free of the false feeling of the need to be liked, instead I'm more loved by family, friends, colleagues and clients (and my dog!).

6) Living a life without the constant noise of the media in the background means that my life is more peaceful and in harmony and flow.

7) My social network more than ever now is being in person with family, friends, colleagues and clients. Online still has a place in my future particularly in increasing the value of my relationships with my network through technology like Zoom. The big difference is that I'll be much more deliberate in choosing when, where and what. I've lost interest in algorithms and their undue influence.

8) Just sitting and thinking and often just sitting are more of a practice now. Less distracted by technology and more distracted by life in a non shallow way.

9) I'm more valuable to the people who matter in my life.

What would happen to your life if you stopped participating in social and mainstream media for a month?

Be remarkable.

PS This blog will now resume 3 posts per week, Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. If you feel this should be less please let me know.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Public wanted ex-PM yet party didn't, why I'm giving all media a rest

Below is the opening paragraph in a article of July 16th 2018.

Malcolm Turnbull has widened the gap as preferred prime minister in the latest Newspoll, extending his lead over Bill Shorten to 19 per cent. Mr Turnbull has increased his preference rating by two points to 48 with Mr Shorten dropping two points to 29 in the last fortnight, according to the poll published in The Australian.

And yet just over a month later Mr. Turnbull has been taken down by his own party.

Even Parliament was suspended because the Government couldn't sort itself out.

In my view it should never have ended this way for Mr. Turnbull.

He strikes me as having the civility, dignity and the skills to lead us. Yet a few out of touch with the people members of his own party, behaving like bullies, believe their way is the only way, not the people's way. Classic tail wagging the dog.

The good news is that the bullies lost. We now have however a more conservative leader who I doubt can lead for all.

I predict that because of this and the chaos that led to his election, Mr. Morrison will lose the next election. This means we will have a Labor leader (so-called) who wasn't the preferred person by his own rank and file and is devoid of leadership skills.

From my perspective mainstream media is complicit in all this appalling behaviour. I have lost faith in most journalists now as well as the Parliament.

Just another reason I'm having a media (mainstream and social) free month from 5 pm tonight as I announced last Monday.

See you in a month. And as per the link above please give me a call.

Be remarkable.

PS Why Everyone Should Watch Less News by Ryan Holiday

PSS and a very interesting piece from Dr. Jason Fox The Post-Social Media Era

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Matching conversation type to situation

I'm currently presenting and hosting a series of master-classes as I complete the writing of this final book in a trilogy.

Learn more about the master-classes held in Ballarat on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Each master-class is standalone and is on one of the 12 fundamentals of law of the farm leadership aka fully human leadership.

The 12 are pictured at the bottom of this post along with a link to the pulse check where you can assess where you're at and where you can move to in each of the 12 as well as the 5 foundations and 5 faces.

This post is the 'Matching conversation type to situation ' chapter of the book.
In a nutshell

Leadership has much to do with building and sustaining high value, mutually rewarding relationships.

A key component is seeing/hearing behaviour (acceptable and not), calling both out and facilitating conversations that appreciate acceptable behaviour, help people to be accountable when there's been slippage, and sustain or restore alignment.

Post these conversations it's important to document agreements and how progress will be made visible.

Mastery of 8 styles of conversations (includes communication in general as well as presentations) and 7 situations are essential for success.

These 15 elements are the subject matter for my ebook pictured below. Here's the download link.

3 recommended actions

1) Download the ebook above and commit to mastering each of the elements.

2) Undertake the performance possibility pulse check inside the ebook involving as many people who you work closely with and who know you well.

3) Commit to undertaking the pulse check regularly and sharing it and your proposed actions with your colleagues.

Recommended deep work

1) Commit to formal learning each year that means your continually improving your communication, presentation and conversation attitude and skills.

2) Work with mentors both inside and external to your workplace who will help you to apply your formal learning.

3) Become a communication, presentation and conversation mentor yourself to people inside and external to your workplace.

I encourage you to share your progress as you do your work at a first Monday of the month Accountability Accelerator.

Below are the other fundamentals.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Are trillion dollar companies good for society?

If I was on the jury determining whether or not  trillion dollar companies are good for society we'd be undecided. What's your thoughts?

In my lifetime (I'm 64) society has become part of the economy instead of the economy being part of society. This leads to misplaced priorities and poor decisions.

I confess to being a satisfied Apple mac user. And I like what CEO Tim Cook says, nevertheless I'm nervous about companies having more cash than countries. Your thoughts?

"(Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Thursday that the iPhone maker’s $1 trillion market capitalization was “not the most important measure” of the company’s success but was instead a result of its focus on its products, customers and company values."

Be remarkable.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

7 essentials for ensuring your best communication, presentations and conversations

The unique combination and nuances of your communication, presentations and conversations attitude and skills are paramount because they determine the value of your relationships both personal and in business.

The value of your relationships of course determine your personal and business success.

Your ability and willingness to be candid, convivial and compassionate in all your communication, presentations and conversations are both the fast track and the best way to sustain high value, mutually rewarding relationships.

Here are my 7 essentials for bringing your best:
Be remarkable.