Friday, 24 January 2020

In the new world there's much less competition and a lot more collaboration

There's a key reason why we are suffering from the stress in our systems (think politics, religion, economics, business, education, you name it). The reason, our systems on based on competition instead of collaboration.

Over lunch with good friends last week this subject came up. One suggestion I really loved for a solution emerged: We need more non dualistic leaders.

Dualistic leaders are focused on either/or or yours or mine.

The classic dualism of course is good or evil.

In America right now its Democrats or Republicans ideology rather than taking the best from both to build a better world.

In Australia Liberals and Labor are fighting a classic conservatives v. progressives battle and we're all losing as a consequence.

Non dualistic leaders are focused on both/and.

In my work with clients I call this shared-view.

Most of our troubles, personal, local, organisational, national, and international, are fundamentally based in our perceived need to hang onto the world in here (my view), our issues with the world out there (other people's views), and, our failure to focus more on the world we share (ours).

The exciting news is that when we find and sustain shared-view (ours) we can triumph over all our troubles.

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Be remarkable.

"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I will meet you there."

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Find your voice, sing your song, play your music

This is my favourite Stephen R. Covey book.

In it Covey describes Voice as "unique personal significance - significance that is revealed as we face our greatest challenges and which makes us equal to them."

He says Voice is found at the nexus of talent, need, conscience and passion as illustrated below:
Talent (your natural gifts and strengths), Need (including what the world needs enough to pay you for), Conscience (that still small voice within that assures you of what is right and that prompts us to actually do it), Passion (those things that naturally energise, excite, motivate and inspire you).

The world needs you to have found your Voice!

My primary work with clients is helping them to find and use their Voice. Sometimes we call it song and sometimes music. These 3 metaphors of voice, song, and music have always resonated strongly with me since the experience I explore in the short video below.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

to Find your voice, sing your song, play your music?

Be remarkable.

Monday, 20 January 2020

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Be remarkable.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Why decision-making is an essential skill to thriving in the new world of work

Sound decision making is an essential skill to thriving in the new world of work. In this world humans are being remarkable and doing work that is meaningful for them and highly valuable for others. In this new world machines have taken over the simple, routine repetitive work.

Decision-making is human work

I am no longer surprised by people in organisations who are perplexed at decisions made by leaders, because more than 50% of such decisions turn out to be the wrong decisions.

From two decades of research by Dr Paul Nutt of Ohio State University and involving hundreds of organisations 3 key reasons why 50% of decisions fail were discovered:

"1) 1/3 driven by ego.

2) nearly 2/3 of executives never explore alternatives once they make up their mind.

3) 80% of managers push their decisions through by persuasion or edict and not by the value of their idea."

Should any of the above be happening in your organisation what change/s can you make beginning today?

Another big problem that I see Lack of Transparency

For BIG decisions never make a decision until all the angles have been thoroughly viewed and debated.

Have a process!

Below is what I give to my clients to get them started. NB NEDS = Needs, Expectations and Desires.

Having a process means transparency of decision making which means greater acceptance and higher support for decisions.

Having a process also means a greater likelihood of

  • buy-in by those affected by the decision.
  • higher probability of making the right decision,
  • less poor decisions!
  • and less decisions You need to make in the first place!

The third problem I see is leaders unnecessarily involving themselves in decisions they shouldn't be

If this is happening at your place carry out a review as soon as practical to ensure that every day decisions are being made by the people doing the work and who are involved in customer/client transactions and interactions. Make sure that they are genuinely empowered to make decisions and that you have clarity with them about how they will be held to account.

Be remarkable.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Every country and company should have a leader of possibility

This year I'm cranking up everything to do with Possibility Leadership as I complete the writing of the book and roll out the new program.

I'm coming across all kinds of interesting things in my research including the fact that the UAE government has a Ministry of Possibilities.

Every country and company should have a leader of possibility.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.