Friday, 5 March 2021

The great energy shift

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Each Friday's podcasts are always under 10 minutes.

In last weeks post and podcast I referenced Margaret Heffernan’s new book ‘Uncharted”. I’m now well into reading it and highly recommend that you do too.

There are many wonderful case studies in the book about how experiments turned into wonderful outcomes for human progress.

I quote from the book in the podcast about two case studies involving citizens conventions in Ireland. One relates to same sex marriage becoming law and the other to the liberalisation of abortion up to twelve weeks becoming law. Both of these extraordinary outcomes came after referendums overwhelming approving them.

These are great examples of people power. 

I believe that there will be many more of these kind of gatherings because I sense that there is a great energy shift happening in our world. It’s a shift away from power being in the hands of the few to being in the hands of the many. Crucially this shift is coming from love, the creation force, and the most powerful force in the universe.

Heart-Leaders hold, enhance or shift energy and are coming from a place of love. 

Here you will find a video and blog post that I published this week about love and other resources that will help you to engage in this great energy shift.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Become the wise leader you want to be.


Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Do everything from love

In this video I quote from the Hal David/Burt Bacharach 1960's song 'What The World Needs Now'.

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love

It's the only thing that there's just too little of

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

No not just for some, but for everyone."

In a great book Steve Farber says 'Love is Just Damn Good Business: Do What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do.' Get the book here.

When I first read 'Do What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do' in Steve's book 'The Radical Leap' over a decade ago I stayed silent for what seemed forever. It was a game changer for me. It took me many years to learn to live these words, and many more before it has become a way of life.

In my Heart-Leadership book I refer to love as one of eight heart qualities. You can get the book here. Just as importantly at the link you can access 28 videos (24 are under 5 minutes) and 24 podcasts (all under 10 minutes) that will help you to lead with your heart. I believe leading with heart is what all wise leaders do, in your own best way.

My work is helping people to become the wise leaders you want to be. My best advice is "Do everything from a place of love." Writing a review for a book you've just read, write it from love. Going into a supermarket, walk with love. Whatever you do, do it from love. 

Become the wise leader you want to be.

Monday, 1 March 2021

Introducing Wise Leaders Online Community

Today I'm excited to announce the completed formation of Wise Leaders Online Community. 

Wise leaders live a life that is meaningful for you, has deep value for people within your circles of influence, and leaves a legacy in the now.

There are now three levels of membership as described below. You can download the levels here. 

1) Book Club Members receive:

✓All my books.

✓A place at 6 by 90 minutes online seminars.

✓Monthly live stream events (Northern and Southern Hemisphere time options).

Your investment is $275 p.a.

2) Egalitarian Members receive:

✓All my books.

✓A place in 6 by 90 minutes online seminars.

✓Monthly live stream event (Northern and Southern Hemisphere time options).

✓ Quarterly Q & A sessions (60 minutes).

Your investment is $550 p.a.

3) Online Village Resident Members receive:

✓All Book Club and Egalitarian Member Benefits plus

✓Membership of an of up to 8 people online peer group who have a regular conversation at a time that suits you with a special seminar from me once a month.

Your investment is $1100 p.a.

Membership For All Of The Above is by Invitation Only from a current member or myself personally.

You're very welcome to contact me to explore further. My number is +61 418 807 898.

My bespoke group mentoring and 1:1 services remain available.

Become the wise leader you want to be.

NB The joining fees will increase substantially in 2022. Now is your opportunity to lock in the low investment.

Wise leaders live a life that is meaningful for you, has deep value for people within your circles of influence, and leaves a legacy in the now.

PS All of the above involve you engaging in my 8 stages of guaranteeing innovation (pictured below) in your own best way. Learn more about the stages here.

Friday, 26 February 2021

The certainty we can choose to have in our uncharted future

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VUCA is popular again. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are definitely part of life. They are one side of the coin.

The other side is Dependable, Predictable, Simple and Clear.

And then the edge of the coin is what Margaret Heffernan might call Uncharted which is the title of her new book. You can get this book here. A key to sustaining harmony is controlling the controllable's and maintaining peace of heart and mind.

A key to all of this is your change process. Do you have one?

If you are familiar with my work you will know mine. 

1. Appreciate what is, 

2. Imagine what can be,

3. Create quantum leaps (that’s small yet significant shifts) to move from what is to what can be.

4. Take the leaps.

5. Repeat.

The first four shifts gain momentum. Repeating the four shifts sustains momentum.  Quantum leaps allow for adjustments in the moment as you go.

There's a podcast here about these.

In addition to Dependable, Predictable, Simple and Clear, I’m also a fan of the idea of ‘SUPER VUCA by Kevin Roberts. He says “our job as creative leaders is to turn a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous world into one that is  Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy and Astounding."

Here is a 4 minutes and 46 seconds video from Kevin on this. 

My friend and colleague Gihan Perera wrote this great article on LinkedIn in 2015. Gihan says:

1. Expose Volatility: Do Rock the Boat

2. Use Uncertainty: Start Before You’re Ready

3. Challenge Complexity: Cut Through The Clutter

4. Act On Ambiguity: Seek Clarity

Here’s the thing, and one of the wonders of the modern world, help and suggestions are a click, a telephone call or a Zoom away.

Our future is mostly uncharted. Nobody has a crystal ball. Nevertheless we can thrive.

We just need to follow a change process and to choose wisely in each moment.

The immortal words of Viktor Frankl are here to guide us 

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. 

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Become the wise leader you want to be.


PS “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Heart-Leaders are truth-tellers and unmask wilful blindness

A key role of real leaders in an age of fake news, post truth and conspiracy theories is to tell the truth (as you feel and see it) and to unmask wilful blindness.

I first thought deeply about Wilful Blindness when I read this book.

Get your copy here.

Political parties, religious organisations, and businesses all stain our society and hold back meaningful progress when they engage in wilful blindness.

It takes courage to talk about wilful blindness

Often wilful blindness is the elephant in the room.

Most of what could be better about an organisation is known yet unsaid (it is said underground and away from the organisation).

For over 30 years I have been walking into organisations as an adviser and I am told, usually within an hour, of what could be better and yet no one has raised issues with insiders for fear of reprisal or fear for their jobs and other nasty reasons.

A common reason is it's a cultural issue of not talking about what can be perceived as unpleasant.

I'll be addressing how to find the courage in a life stream event on March 16th 2021. Here's the details.

If you read this after this event please get in touch with me and we will decide together on how I can help you.

“Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.” Paolo Coelho

This is one of two books that I am currently studying (the other is overviewed below).

It's a book I highly recommend. Just the data alone will make you stand up and take notice. Get the book yourself here.

As I write this in the Australian Parliament there is a terrible saga going on where women allege rape and sexual harassment. Clearly the Parliament has a cultural problem. I see wilful blindness and an incredibly poor attitude towards women in general by many of the male occupants.

The following is from this article in The Saturday Paper quoting one of the victims:

"The reason for Brittany’s assault, and mine – and the ongoing disclosures I receive from other women – is the same reason there have been sexual abuse scandals in every self-regulating, autonomous or unpoliced fiefdom of power and privilege. What Australia seems wilfully blind to is that each of its enclaves of power – from religious institutions such as the Catholic Church, to the judiciary, corporations and financial institutions, to our parliaments – has a misogynistic, patriarchal power structure that enables the oppression, vilification and sexual abuse of women."

Being a truth-teller as a leader and being willing to unmask wilful blindness is essential I believe to overcome this tyranny.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

This book by one of Australia's most revered historians I am also currently studying.

Clearly we haven't told the truth about how we have treated our first people.

This sad and sorry tale is repeated the world over.

Along with ensuring equality and equity of opportunity for women, doing the same for our first people is a must do in order for our society to fully flourish.

If you are like me then deciding to become a truth-teller and an unmasker of wilful blindness requires a serious look in the mirror.

Simon Sinek's videos on the THE 5 PRACTICES TO LEAD IN THE INFINITE GAME were very helpful to me in overcoming my fears and self-doubts and so I highly recommend them.

I came across the videos while researching my Heart-Leadership book where I reference Simon's book 'The Infinite Game'.

Eliminating injustice is my just cause. Being a part of the movement to enable women, first peoples and everyone else who is currently discriminated against, mistreated, and as yet without equity of opportunity, is one way that I am being a truth-teller and unmasker of wilful blindness. I invite you to be one too.

In this hugely popular video the former head of Australia's defence forces and later Australian of the year David Morrison (using words by his former boss I believe David Hurley) and speaking about respect for women said "The standard you walk past is the standard you accept"

This inspiring call to action should send shivers down your spine and inspire you to be a real leader by being a truth-teller regardless of the injustices you witness.

Become the wise leader you want to be. Ian

PS This from my colleague, The Quiet Disruptor, Sue Heatherington.

"We don’t need to shout,

but we do need to speak.

We can’t make everything right,

but we can make some things better."

Read the full piece here.

Monday, 22 February 2021

How would you describe the heart-beat of your workplace?

I love this story by ABC South East SA's Bec Whetham about ex-teacher Toni Vorenas who has turned a tiny cafe into award-winning mega business.

Photo courtesy of ABC South East SA: Bec Whetham.

What I most love is this statement by employee Sammi Cummins"You'll never work in a place like it … it's got its own heartbeat. You've got to learn a new rhythm, a whole new language,"

How would you describe the heart-beat of your workplace?
What's the rhythm and language where you work?

Become the wise leader you want to be.

Friday, 19 February 2021

What makes your most productive and joyful day?

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For health reasons initially I reduced my working hours a year ago from about 60 hours per week to around 25 today. I’ve also rejuvenated my life in many other ways. I’m ten times more productive than I was and lead a more joyful life.

One of my favourite authors is the young historian Rutger Bregman. He suggests shorter workweeks could help reduce accidents, combat climate change, make the genders more equal, and a whole lot more.

In this 2017 article Rutger quotes the famous British economist John Maynard Keynes who predicted in 1930 that by 2030, we’ll be working just fifteen hours a week. I might be onto something!

What makes your most productive and joyful day

Most of my week days go like this:

  • I rise around 8 AM after eight hours sleep and do some meditation based on heart energy and getting in touch with my unique rhythm.
  • I then work for about an hour.
  • An exercise routine of 15 minutes recommended by my physio follows.
  • I then have breakfast with Carol.
  • We take a walk with our dog Molly for 20 - 40 minutes.
  • On return I work for 90 minutes. This time is often my best writing time.
  • I then do some gardening or physical work around our home for an hour or so.
  • Carol and I then have a light lunch.
  • I work for another 90 minutes. 
  • Then I read or relax for about an hour.
  • I then work for 40 minutes or so
  • I follow this with another 10 minutes of exercise designed just for me.
  • Carol and I then get ready for our evening meal.

What makes your most productive and joyful day?

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Suggested Action

Get this book.

Decide how to apply the "less but better" concept in your own best way.

I began this journey in August 2015. I'm still on the path. 

It continues to be a highly rewarding journey.

I've also preordered the authors next book 'Effortless'

Become the wise leader you want to be.