Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Three new performance possibility pulse checks

I like simple diagnostic tools.

I particularly like them when I can write on them!

Three such tools are pictured below.

You can download both these tools here.

I'm personally bored with online surveys and the fact that most people do nothing with the results (classical example employee engagement surveys) which pisses the people who complete them off and leads to further disengagement.

Here's to simple yet profound data collection that we actually use and that really can engage people.

Be remarkable.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Micro-statements, spikes and other great advice about public/professional speaking from Graham Davies

I've been hard at work in the past few weeks upgrading some material for my presentations and also developing some completely new material.

My trusty guide has been this book. Please read my previous recommendations about this wonderful resource here and here.

Since I first read this in 2011 I have kept it close by and have dipped into it frequently. This time I did a serious deep dive.

Graham's concept of micro-statements is a game-changer in presentation preparation. I've development several new ones recently and have road tested two of them very successfully in the past week.

Graham says "A micro-statement is a sequence of words that quickly and compellingly captures the essence of your presentation in a way that is specifically shaped for the needs of a specific audience at a particular time."

Other concepts I love about Graham's work are knowing our audience's starting and finishing position and spiking beginnings and endings.

Graham says "The audience will be persuaded to adopt the point of view in your desired finishing position because of the information and concepts contained in your micro-statement."

On spikes Graham says that they "must be sharp enough to turn them without pissing them off ... Spikes cut through to what the audience really needs to hear ... Effective spikes are the hard edges that cut through the fluff between you and the audience."

I segment most of my presentation into 20 minute pieces. Graham's 'Bare Knuckle' structure is perfect for this and for any time you need to prepare a speech whether you have 5 minutes, 5 weeks or 5 months.

Most leaders I meet can be better speakers.

There's also many good speakers who could be remarkable.

Whichever camp you're in I highly recommend Graham's book. Find out more about the book and Graham's work.

Be remarkable.

Monday, 9 July 2018

The New Management

I agree with the words below from Steve Denning in his article for Forbes 'Why Today's Business Schools Teach Yesterday's Expertise’. Read his full article.

“The new management isn’t simply a new training course, or a process, or a methodology or an organizational structure that can be written down in an organizational manual and simply added to the ongoing agenda. It’s a different mindset with counterintuitive ideas that fly in the face of the assumptions of a "good" 20th century manager or the typical business school case.

Managers can't tell people what to do;

Control is enhanced by letting go of control;
Talent drives strategy.
Dealing with big issues requires small teams, small tasks, small everything;
Complex systems are inherently problematic, and must be descaled;
Companies make more money by not focusing on money,”

How does this new management happen?

In my view it happens best by seeing and adopting leadership and management as different yet in harmony with one another particularly when they are underpinned by culture.

Below is my foundational model for teaching my clients to apply the above in their own best way:

This is my blog post of 25th August 2014 where I explore what I believe is new management further. Management today for me is all about processes, policies, procedures, practices and systems.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

Friday, 6 July 2018

The essential ingredients for creating a vibrant culture in your business

I like this in depth article by Tom Kayser and the template he uses that's pictured below.

I suggest reimagining and reinventing one area at a time in your business in collaboration with your employees and other stakeholders.

While completing the above consider and answer the following question Does this reinvention mean it's simple for people to bring the best version of themselves to their work?

If your answer is no you still have reinvention work to do.

Be remarkable.