Monday 30 November 2015

When beliefs are personal and behaviour universal, success follows

To be human is to flock to belong to places where there's a shared-view or common belief. There'd be no religions, clubs, or movements otherwise. I celebrate this.

To be human at a higher level of consciousness is belonging to places where there's differing views and vigourous debate, yet mutual respect, a valuing of difference, and a willingness to collaborate. I celebrate this more.

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind 
at the same time and still retain the ability to function.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald's insight is a key to successful leadership, in politics, business, and everywhere else.

It mystifies me that we get hung up about other people's opinions and what other people believe or don't. The fact that some people resort to protests, and at worst violence over this, is a sign of their lack of intelligence, and total lack of appreciation of, and gratitude for, what it means to be human.

How amazing that despite the lessons of history, we're still fighting one another in some places and are unwilling to co-exist.

The slippery slope begins when we take offence at someone else's opinion. This mystifies me too. Your opinions are yours not mine, so how can I possibly be offended? Only when I choose to is the answer.

I choose to not be offended regardless of what other people's opinions are and how they're expressed. I have enough trouble being accountable for my own intentions, feelings, thoughts, behaviours, actions, let alone concerning myself with yours!

When beliefs are personal and behaviour universal, success follows

A client of mine is a devout Christian. Another client is a devout Muslim. Yet another client strictly follows what she sees as the Buddhist way. Still another is Jewish to his bootstraps. I could go on.  I know people from most walks of life who strongly believe what they do. I greatly admire each of my clients whether we share beliefs or not.

What we do share is the understanding that belief is personal and behaviour universal.

To collaborate successfully we respect and value the personal. We know that respect is earned and mutual success possible through behaviour.

Central to most belief systems is a faith of some kind.  Faith by definition cannot be proved.  If it could be proved it wouldn’t be faith!  The ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’ the saying goes, meaning what we do counts for far more than what we believe. As one of the Apostles of the Christian Church is reported to have said, “Faith without works is dead.”

A lot of faiths are dead, dying, or in trouble today because the actions of a few of the faithful betray their stated beliefs.  I meet a lot of people more interested in being right, than being compassionate for example. Compassion for me is at the truthful heart of all the world’s religions. Compassion is not a belief, it's a behaviour.

If we are not living and breathing a compassionate life we render whatever we believe as null and void, regardless of what we say.

A new world is being born.  Compassion is a key component. There is a place for faith in this new world. For me belief is personal and therefore deserving of respect. What really matters in the universe though is behaviour.

Some people have asked me what has compassion go to do with the future success of my business? My answer is - Everything! particularly in a world where being purpose driven and people focused, and seeing technology as an enabler and enhancer of the human experience, is the leading edge.

Be remarkable.

Friday 27 November 2015

I'm looking for more people who don't normally talk to me

The clients I mentor are salt of the earth people who work bloody hard. They're highly successful yet always looking to be better.

​But...​ most are reluctant to seek outside help.

​Thats's why generally I only get to meet my clients via referral from people who don't easily refer because they don't want their friends/family/colleagues to know ​that at some point - even months or years earlier - ​they've brought in outside help!​ Can you imagine trying to make it in your own in top flight sport?​ Unthinkable, right? So why would that make sense in your business?

We can all benefit greatly from a fresh pair of eyes taking a look at our business from time to time.

In 'The most important things this chief executive has learned after 20 years running a $200 million business' CEO Garry Browne says: Have a mentor or a confidant you can talk to about absolutely anything from a business perspective. Don’t be shy, because no-one is an island.

Just so you know, I'm reluctant to ask for outside help too.

Yet I'm very glad that I do. Currently I'm being stretched and highly valuing it in working with my mentors Nick Haines and Matthew Newnham.

I'm also highly valuing being in a master-mind group with my colleagues Gihan Perera, Alicia Curtis, and Dr. Jenny Brockis where we're working on being better in the speaking aspects of our businesses.

The Power of "One Great Idea"​

​Over the past few months, I've held "One Great Idea" sessions with a wide variety of inspiring business leaders, and they all tell me how valuable these sessions have been. In fact, typically, they value them in the tens of thousands of dollars. I'd like you to get the same benefit - at zero risk. Here's how...

​We meet online or in person for 1 hour​, off the record​. I guarantee to generate one idea worth at least $5000 to your business. In exchange for that guaranteed $5000 value to your business, my fee for these sessions is just $500, payable in advance. And, to ensure this is totally risk-free for you, I will refund your fee immediately should you feel I didn't provide you with at least $5000 in value. Should we agree to work together in the next 90 days the fee becomes a credit against future work.

To ​find out if this is right for you, or to cut to the chase and ​schedule your "One Great Idea" session​,​ ​just telephone me on +61 418 807 898.

If an off-the-record chat is not for you right now please consider my Monday Morning Momentum and People, Process, and Profit Monthly Intensives. These are complimentary and exclusive for time poor people who register. Find out more and register here.

Be remarkable.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Six Questions to Increase Employee Engagement

I love the 2 minutes 34 seconds video below from Marshall Goldsmith courtesy of Strategy+Business.

Employee engagement is everyone's personal responsibility.

Be remarkable.

Friday 20 November 2015

Leadership and Management in The New World of Work

I was privileged this week to work for a day each with two organisations working with people often marginalised in our society - the wonderful Western Region Executive team from the Department of Juvenile Justice in New South Wales, Australia, and the also remarkable Executive team from Gellibrand Support Services who provide support for adults with a range of disabilities including physical and intellectual disabilities as well as acquired brain injuries, in Victoria, Australia.

Below are the slides I selected from (tailored for each of these teams unique circumstances) to focus my presentation and stimulate conversation and action planning.

The topics explored and much more will be part of exclusive content and unique opportunity for human to human connection on offer through a very special initiative commencing 4th January 2016 - Monday Morning Momentum, and People, Process, and Profit Monthly Intensives.

The  good  news  is,  these initiatives are complimentary and exclusively for people who register. They will not be available to anyone anywhere else. 

As soon as you register you'll be able to download my best-selling Changing What's Normal book or an alternative resource should you already have the book.

Once you've registered I'll be in touch to ask you what topics you'd love me to explore from 4th January 2016.

You can get involved by registering here.

Be remarkable.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Fabulous leaders focus on feelings

As I have written about many times the following standard scenarios are always at play with your change initiatives both before you begin them, and during the implementation:

1) People who feel changes will benefit them embrace change.
2) People feeling unsure about whether changes will benefit them sit on the fence.
3) People who feel change won't benefit them resist change.

The key to each scenario is how people feel about change.

To guarantee you'll succeed in the change/s you lead I highly recommend addressing people's feelings first and always. By doing so you'll avoid the fate described brilliantly by Jack Welch.

Be remarkable.

Monday 16 November 2015

Exclusive content and opportunity for unique human to human connection

Choosing what to read, view, and listen to today can feel overwhelming. LinkedIn is now reportedly the largest publishing house on the planet. Then there’s Twitter, YouTube, millions of blogs, and a myriad of other options. I am sure that you, like me, have become very selective.

With the above in mind I’ve decided to reduce the number of my broad offerings here and elsewhere and focus on providing a select group of people with exclusive insights and opportunity for human to human connection.

Introducing Monday Morning Momentum, and People, Process, and Profit Monthly Intensives

Monday Morning Momentum 5 minute digests

Every Monday commencing January 4th 2016, I'll be sharing my discoveries on topics you request. I know your time is precious, so these insights will be succinct: just 5 minutes or less via video.

Each insight will be in the spirit of three concepts I have discovered with my clients are foundational to success: 

less but better, 
creating more leaders in your business, 
and focusing on one quantum leap at a time.

People, Process, and Profit - Monthly Intensives 

Then at the end of each month via live web TV, I’ll present Q&A intensives where we'll explore topics in more detail to assist you in tackling business challenges in your own best way.

You’ll be able to post your questions in advance (anonymously if you wish). This
will feel like a high-value master mind, where we really tackle the key questions that need tackling.

The  good  news  is,  these  Monday  Morning  Momentum, and People, Process, and Profit Intensives are complimentary and exclusively for people who register. They will not be available to anyone anywhere else. (So if you’re competition minded - and who isn’t? - they’ll be a bit of a secret resource for you.)

Find out more and register here. 

As soon as you register you'll be able to download my best-selling Changing What's Normal book or an alternative resource should you already have the book.

Once you've registered I'll be in touch to ask you what topics you'd love me to explore from 4th January 2016.

Best remarkable.

Friday 13 November 2015

These 3 are fundamental for remarkable leadership

Purpose, role, and communication skills stand out for me as fundamental for remarkable leadership.

Almost 100 years ago Mary Parker Follett nailed the true purpose of real leadership for me.

Purpose (why, intention, reason) precede role. 

In their great book Bill Conaty and Ram Charan state:

Talent will be the big differentiator between companies that succeed and those that don’t.

I couldn’t agree more.

They also state:

Talent masters understand the subtleties that differentiate people.

Bill Conaty and Ram Charan also state:
The enlightened CEO recognizes that his top priority for the future is building and deploying the talent that will get it there.

Talent is another word for gift. My life’s work is to help business owners and leaders become maestro's of gift/talent enhancement - the number one role of leadership and the key to fulfilling the purpose.

To excel at purpose and role real leaders are forever improving their communication skills. This means a presence 1:1 and in small and large groups.

Great questions to ask yourself and your employees regularly:

How can I do better in fulfilling the purpose and number one role of leadership?
What more can I do to be a remarkable communicator 1:1 and in small and large groups?

Ask your employees
What suggestion do your have for me that will enable me to better fulfill the purpose and number one role of leadership?

What suggestion do you have for me that would help me to become a better communicator?

Be remarkable.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

What kind of welcome do I receive at your place?

I met recently with some of the leaders of iconic family business Haymes Paint. We're already known to each other so the sign above wasn't necessary. I appreciated it though.

I don't see such welcome signs much anymore.

A key reason Haymes are iconic and have thrived for 80 years is their unique understanding of the small human actions that make a significant difference.

What kind of welcome do I receive at your place?

Visit Haymes from another country and your flag will be flying! Such care and thoughtfulness is evident everywhere at Haymes.

The investment to be remarkable is often very little. The returns are massive.

The place to begin I reckon is going out of our way to appreciate everyone as the one-of-a-kind human being that each of us is.

When we feel we really matter, we do things that matter.

Be remarkable.

Monday 9 November 2015

My personal life is just fine, it's my business life I want back!

I offered complimentary 'I Want My Life Back' clinics via this post and in emails to people on my private mailing lists.

Two things surprised me about the great response:

1) more than 50% of people who booked in their clinic were responding to a forward of the post/email by others with a note from a colleague like "I reckon this would be great for you!"

2) Having now conducted several clinics, 44% of people (while fessing up to challenges in living a vital and fulfilling personal life) are sharing that getting their business life back is their big hurdle.

Unconsciously I may have been onto this considering the image below that I chose for the initial post/email.

3 common themes are evident with this 44%:

1) The 'more with less' mantra is still an expectation from out of touch with reality bosses who haven't yet embraced the wonderful concept of 'less but better'.

2) High achievers are not being rewarded in ways perceived to be commensurate with performance.

3) Many people are struggling to have the candid and convivial conversations essential with employees performing below agreed levels.

Should any of the above be relevant to your situation contact me on +61 418 807 898 to book in your complimentary 'I Want My Life Back or 'I Want My Business Life Back' clinic.

Be remarkable.

Friday 6 November 2015

Less but better

I recently added this book to my top 21 recommended business books to read.

You can download the list here and my full recommended reading list here.

A theme of the book and a mantra I encourage all my clients to live by is less but better.

In the diagram below I share some of my other favourites from this book.

It is very easy today to feel the need to be on 24/7.

This book provides many great insights into how to get off the treadmill and lead and live a more vital and fulfilling life, while at the same time achieving better business results.

Be remarkable.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Using tension and hope to lead change

I like the model below courtesy of Bri Williams in this post of hers.

I much prefer lead to drive.

These 3 standard scenarios are always at play with change initiatives:

1) People who feel proposed changes will benefit them embrace change.
2) People feeling unsure about whether changes will benefit them sit on the fence.
3) People who feel change won't benefit them resist change.

The key to each scenario is how people feel about change.

To guarantee you'll succeed in the change/s you lead I highly recommend addressing people's feelings first and always.

Be remarkable.

Monday 2 November 2015

Appraisals are fine for things, never for people

I'm delighted to see Accenture, Deloitte, Adobe and others letting go of performance appraisals. The rewards for doing so will be massive.

Performance appraisals are a part of a nasty hangover of the Industrial Revolution where it was believed we could apply what worked for things to people.

Appraisals are fine for houses, cars, jewellery, and things in general, never for people.

Possible Action

If you're still to move on performance appraisals and would like some help please contact me on +61 418 807 898. For 25 years I've been helping people to eliminate them and enjoy the rewards that immediately follow.

By taking this action you will immediately save time, energy, and money, and see improvements in employee engagement.

Be remarkable.

Sunday 1 November 2015

The one thing Kiwi's and Wallabies didn't have in common

This is a sequel to my post The one thing Kiwi's and Wallabies have in common. You can read it here.

Firstly I congratulate The All Blacks on winning the Rugby World Cup yesterday, the first team to win three, and the first to win back to back (4 years apart).

A long term plan and the willingness and ability to execute it I believe was the key differentiator in the end. 

A year ago the Wallabies were in disarray, so they do deserve credit for going as fas as they did.

With the benefit of hindsight they were unlikely to be able to stay the distance with an All Blacks team (players, coaches, and many others) consciously, carefully, and methodically executing a plan with everyone knowing and owning their role and fulfilling it.

I've always said worry is a wasted emotion. You have to plan for some of these things. We knew we could possibly have someone in the bin at some stage, so it's just a matter of making sure you have everyone knowing what they have to do.
All Blacks coach Steve Hansen as quoted in this article.

The image above featuring Hansen and captain Riche McCaw from Getty suggests to me a calmness about and an ownership of roles.

In my 25 years as a mentor for business owners and leaders the greatest work done by my clients has been:

a willingness to identify the value that needs to be delivered to all stakeholders,
create roles without people in mind that deliver such value,
match people to roles,
and provide people with whatever inspiration, support, encouragement etc etc that is needed for them to fulfill their role.

What lessons can you learn from the All Blacks (and the Wallabies!) and imitate them in your own way for the long term success of your business?

Be remarkable.