Friday 28 September 2018

The New Leadership Paradigm

I like the diagram below a lot. Download yourself.

I also like these 4 X factors. You can read the article about these here.

Who will you become?

What will you do next to enhance your leadership?

Be remarkable.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Why free speech is vital and how we keep it a basic human right?

My friend, colleague and psychologist Peter Milligan and myself have had a number of conversations recently about free speech. We've decided to record them with the view to widening the conversation. Here's the first

Be remarkable.

Monday 24 September 2018

My 9 key lessons from not participating in social and mainstream media for a month

It's now a month since I started my experiment of not participating in social or mainstream media for a month and seeking more human to human connection. You can read my reasons for doing this here.

Here's my 9 key lessons:

1) I've enjoyed and given and gained great value from conversations in person and online where there wasn't a smart phone distracting or disrupting us.

2) I have a couple of hours per day to be a better human, and to better experience nature and other humans.

I'm better and wiser for the experience particularly as I can invest in more deep work a concept I love.

Here's an example of this: since Monday the 3rd I've invested 30 minutes a day of my extra 2 hours using the Pink Sheet process from Matt Church and Peter Cook at Thought Leaders to upgrade my intellectual property.

I combined this with previous work. Result is that what I've got in store for my clients is "less but better."

3) Life is so much better without the negativity, self-interest and bias, and the bullshit (fake news, lies and propaganda) of all forms of the media.

4) As a consequence of unsubscribing from emails that are just fronts for trying to flog me stuff I don't want or need my in-box is much easier to empty every day and my replies to other emails are better and more valuable to the recipients.

5) I'm much more relaxed. I feel a better human. I'm free of the false feeling of the need to be liked, instead I'm more loved by family, friends, colleagues and clients (and my dog!).

6) Living a life without the constant noise of the media in the background means that my life is more peaceful and in harmony and flow.

7) My social network more than ever now is being in person with family, friends, colleagues and clients. Online still has a place in my future particularly in increasing the value of my relationships with my network through technology like Zoom. The big difference is that I'll be much more deliberate in choosing when, where and what. I've lost interest in algorithms and their undue influence.

8) Just sitting and thinking and often just sitting are more of a practice now. Less distracted by technology and more distracted by life in a non shallow way.

9) I'm more valuable to the people who matter in my life.

What would happen to your life if you stopped participating in social and mainstream media for a month?

Be remarkable.

PS This blog will now resume 3 posts per week, Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. If you feel this should be less please let me know.