Saturday 5 January 2008

Kevin Rudd – builder of our new world?

I am very reluctant to back a political leader because the politics of my way being the only way seems to get all the poli’s before their ‘reign’ comes to an end.

I am going out on a limb for Rudd, Australia’s recently elected Prime Minister. He is something different, a diplomat yet a visionary, a hard task master yet a collaborator.

Rudd has already made a number of difficult decisions, the hallmark of a great leader, many of which have broken the stain of the status quo.

I have my fingers crossed and my hopes high that in Rudd we have a political leader who will remain a role model for the new leaders who must emerge around the world in the next year or so to replace the in the main sorry lot who have failed to lead us in the purposeful ways that are essential to say goodbye forever to a world dominated by war and conflict.

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