Friday 13 June 2008

Making the extraordinary the new normal

I take my hat of to Belinda a barista at Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop in Border's Bookshop Brisbane. Belinda stunned me recently by saying to me "Good morning Ian would you like your usual."

Most barista's take your name and write it on the cup so as not to confuse orders, not Belinda she shows genuine care and joy at seeing her customers.  Her behaviour should not be unusual, rather normal practice in our new world.

Be remarkable

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Anonymous said...

How eye opening is this statement. You talk about the barista and your usual and not about the coffee!!! As a bit of a coffee geek myself I have to say i am very picky where I buy my coffee. In this example the coffee is the product but the reference is to the person responsible for making the coffee. Firstly as you use the term barista you are suggesting that this person can make coffee and that you have accepted this. The fact that you received personal recognition and enjoyed the moment must have made the coffee all the more sweeter. In essence then isn't this what QUALITY is all about? It is not about systems and software but it's all about people. Wow have we got this all wrong haven't we? In this example we see that the product has come second to that of the friendly service and the personal recognition. This is exactly what our managers should be doing with their staff.
The large chain of coffee houses that has had to down size in order to survive should have paid atention to the customer and inorder to attend to the customers needs wants and desires should have provided adequate training. A focus on the employees needs wants and desires rather than an imposed view of the world from above.
If you are seeking the perfect cup of coffee have a coffee at THE COFFEE GUY, Brisbane North. enjoy the experience and the coffee. Do not be afraid to enter into the banter with the owner operator who has a passion for his product like no other. Managers could take a leaf out of this guys persona.