Wednesday 16 July 2008

All views count, only shared view matters

Professor Jeffrey Sachs has caused a bit of a stir recently by commenting Australia’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme may not be the answer as the Government is suggesting it is.

Good on Professor Sachs for expressing his view so openly and against the status quo. One of my favourite authors Sachs in his book ‘Common Wealth’ says “This is the general message that I give to all CEOs regarding the Millennium Promises. Each company needs to be part of the solution and needs to stretch its activities beyond normal market activities. This does not mean to turn the company upside down or into a charitable institution, but rather to identify the unique contribution the company can make as part of a broader effort to solve a major social challenge. This is the real meaning of corporate social responsibility: to operate in a manner that promotes broad social objectives, including nonmarket goals, in a way consistent with core business principles, values, and practices. (page 321 Common Wealth, Jeffrey Sachs, Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books 2008).

I believe Sachs is a builder of our new world. He understands strategy precedes tactics. At present the Australian government doesn’t get this basic success premise. Only when we have a shared view about strategy can we progress towards agreement on tactics. At present this Government and most governments confuse strategy with tactics.

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