Sunday 22 March 2009

Anna Bligh - first woman elected to high political office in Australia

Yesterday Anna Bligh become the first woman ever elected to high political office in Australia as the Premier of the State of Queensland where I live. She was not expected to win so comfortably if at all due to the fact, I suspect, that her party has been in office for 11 years, and we Aussies tend to dump political parties after that long regardless of who is leading them at the time.

Premier Bligh (I am not a member of her party or any political party) who took over the leadership 17 months ago, strikes me as an authentic person who stays on message no matter what. This is a key to leadership and making a difference, being authentic and staying on message. My key message is that doing good is great for business. Some who agree are a bit shaky taking action because of the financial crisis. Anna Bligh is a great example of "when the going gets tough, the tough get going".

If you are feeling frightened of doing what you know you must stay true to your yourself and your message, and you will triumph.

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