Sunday 10 January 2010

Two great poems for sustainability champions by James McCallum

The following are two great poems from a colleague of mine based in New York, James McCallum.

An Al-Chet for Risk Managers:

I was not strong enough to stand up to my boss
I put selfish gain ahead of ethical considerations
I falsified or hid data to conceal results
I failed to be objective
My risk model was too subjective
I ignored warning signs
I was in over my head
I did not understand all the risk factors
I failed to get an outside opinion
I was beholden to monetary gain
I was victim to group think
I placed institutional interest ahead of ethical considerations
I failed to admit I was wrong
I was not honest with regulators
I was not honest with shareholders
I looked the other way
I failed to act
I conveniently overlooked infractions / irregularities
I made exemptions
I did not understand the depth of the problem
I know there are many more.
Please help me to uncover, understand make right and overcome.

and this also from James in reponse to a Linkedin group question What will fizzle in 2010?

Now that 2010 is here, 
One asks what will fizzle?
Tough question to ponder, 
I'll answer and not quibble

Most say that twitter 
is yesterdays news
If its truly passe 
lots of tweeters will get the blues

The detractors all say 
twitter can't monetize the biz
If you don't make the moolah any biz will certainly fiz 

I thought social networking 
and crowd sourcing were the rage
Do you think this industry is in a declining stage? 

What of Facebook, Myspace, 
Amazon and LinkedIn?
Profitability for didgie bizness takes time to kick in 

It may be Microsoft Vista or an orphaned smart-phone app,
or a million start ups 
falling into a tech trap

We’ve got IPhones and Droids 
now battling it out
It'a a clash of the Titans. 
How will this turn out? 

How about countries, industries, 
war and recession?
The great danger is to see 
a slide into a depression. 

It’s my fondest hope 
that conflict and division 
will dwindle and fizzle.
Peace without equivocation 

So I send seasons greetings 
to all, front and middle 
and say guard your dreams, don't ever let them fizzle.

You can find out more about James and his work here.

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