Monday 22 February 2010

When sustainability isn't sustainable and how it can be

Here is a link to an excellent article by Zack Smith and Chad Stewart.

Zach and Chad are principals of Interkannections an organisational development consultancy focusing on leadership development, sustainability, and talent management systems.

I love their article for several reasons. It focuses on why being less bad (which is what a lot of organisations are doing) is not necessarily a strategy for sustainability even though many think it is. The article also shows us a pathway through compliance, conformity, and cooperation, the common path that often doesn't lead to a sustainable business, and the next essential steps of collaboration, coherence, and constellation. This article provides a lot of value about how you can go through each of these stages and end up with a truly sustainable and prosperous business.

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Liviu Caliman said...

Great article, thanks for the link! I've read it soon after you added it here, but I've forgotten to say thank you, so I'm doing it now. Thank you.