Wednesday 6 June 2012

Closing your leadership gap

At least once a week I observe what I call The Leadership Gap.

Business owners and entrepreneurs suffer big time from this gap and so do leaders in multinational corporations.  No one is immune.  The consequences for your business are dire - lower than possible morale and productivity, employee turnover and therefore unnecessary employment costs, lower than essential levels of service and therefore you lose customers/clients as well as failing to gain new ones.

The list of dire consequences is a long one so I won’t add anymore. Ultimately failure to close your leadership gap can mean the end of your career and/or your business.

The Leadership Gap occurs when the Leader is so far out in front of their people that they turn around one day and find no one is with them.  And as they old saying goes you discover that “you’re not leading, just out taking a walk.”

Closing your leadership gap

*There must be authenticity and transparency, in a word, truth, about where your business is really at.  BS is bringing down organisations everywhere.  Remove the BS or you might be next!  Take the BS Detector Pulse Check here.  You just might be staggered by what it shows and tells you.

*The story you are telling about where your organisation is going must be compelling and contain no BS.

*The strategy that you have in place, the compass, the how you intend to get where your going, must be owned by your employees, the primary executors of your strategy.  If your strategy is hidden in a thick document in a drawer somewhere you are in deep trouble.  And if a stakeholder asks your employees what your strategy is and they can’t answer truthfully and enthusiastically you are also in deep trouble.

Ownership of your strategy by your employees is impossible without a performance leadership and management system.

Such a system means:

*recruiting of people aligned with your values and how you live them

*people are properly inducted and engaged to bring their best to their work consistently

*leaders having informal and formal and candid conversations about performance that appreciates people, inspires them, and leads to personal accountability

*employees having informal and formal and candid conversations about performance with each other and other stakeholders that appreciates people, inspires them, and leads to personal accountability

*wisdom is retained when people move on

*succession planning works in practice

*overall the special gifts or talents of individuals are being enhanced on a daily basis

Do you have such a system?

Usually when I ask people what kind of performance leadership and management system is in place I hear about annual appraisals and how they don’t work.  I am no longer surprised by this.  Appraisals went out with the ark.  The main reason they are walking dead is that most people don’t have the expertise to replace them with a viable and vibrant system as referred to above.

I have such expertise.

If you are suffering from a leadership gap or don’t have a proper performance leadership and management system in place then it’s time we had chat.

I can help you put such a system in place, fully customized for you. And I guarantee you performance improvement and at least a 10 times return on your small investment within 90 days. Get that from your bank!

Be the difference you want to see in the world

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