Wednesday 18 July 2012

Of all the skills needed to thrive today I would probably pick resilience

I have been reading a book a week for nearly 40 years. A few make it to my recommended reading list.

The books that make my list are often the ones I read in one sitting, make lots of notes in my journal and keep dipping back in for several days afterwords.  The final test is the book gets added to the pile on my desk that I continually refer to.

Resilience - why things bounce back by Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy is such a book.  Since I read it on an 8 hour flight last Thursday it has been my constant companion.

There is a saying that says Leaders are readers.  And today with tablets and all sorts of devices you have no excuses.  What is on your reading list this week?

You can download a list of all the books I recommend here.

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