Friday 26 October 2012


Long plane rides and train journeys this week has meant lots of reading time for me. I have been digging deep into a great book by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman called Thinking, Fast and Slow which is about the reliability and unreliability of the intuitive and conscious minds and human rationality, irrationality and other thought provoking concepts.

Daniel’s WYSIATI struck me. What You See Is All There Is. It struck me equally that WYSINATI is also a key part of our lives. What You See Is Not All There Is!

For me WYSINATI is a key to successfully working together.

The songwriter Scott Wesley Brown wrote “No one of us has got it all together, but all of us together got it all.”

Next week be aware of how bias effects your decision making and make a concentrated effort to find out how other people see situations. Then work together to find a shared view of the way forward and go for it.

I am willing to bet that doing the above will mean you will have a happier and more productive week!

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

I work with business owners/leaders of medium sized business and leaders of divisions in multi-national companies to lift employee performance by enhancing their gifts.

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