Monday 18 March 2013

WANTED. Leaders with heart

I am looking for leaders who want to value their employees more, help their employees lead more fulfilling lives, love their employees like family.


In my work with leaders in 40 countries since 1991 the above three are the standout pathways to unleashing the unique talents/gifts that are lying dormant in most people.

The results of this unleashing

Higher levels of productivity and engagement from employees, higher sales, lower costs and lower employee turnover, and more time for you to pursue what really matters to you.

People are referred to as assets, resources, and even capital. We are none of these things. We are flesh and blood beings with needs, wants, fears, and aspirations.

When we are respected and treated as the one-of-a-kind that each of us is, we respond with remarkable performance.

By guaranteeing your employees feel valued, fulfilled, and loved, in the process you will overcome 6 challenges

1. Are the majority of your employees bringing their best to their work on a consistent basis?

2. Do most of your people excel at having conversations about performance when there is difficulty, conflict or disagreement?

3. Are most of your employees wise investors in time?

4. Do all of your employees know their unique gifts/talents and are they enhancing them in their work?

5. Is your performance management system leading to definitive and easily measurable performance improvement?

6. Do the majority of your employees know your strategy for growth and particularly do they own their unique piece of your execution map?

If you answered no to parts or all of the above then Enhancing Their Gifts System (ETGS) is for you.

3 ways I can help you to unleash your employees

1) The heart-stirring, mind-shifting, game-changing one day Enhancing Their Gifts program

In this highly interactive and practical program (only available to 40 organisations a year) I teach you and up to 5 of your people my Enhancing Their Gifts System™ - the simple framework that profoundly unleashes employee talent.

The most important thing about this day is not my teaching, rather what you hear yourself say to yourself and then what you do that changes what’s normal.

This day ends with you having a 63 day licence to implement and embed ETGS with a pilot group and therefore prove for yourself the value of the system meaning you can make an informed decision about purchasing a full licence for you organisation. Your 63 day licence includes support from an accredited mentor.  
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2) Presentation packages that help you to overcome the challenges that keep you awake at night.
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3) No BS mentoring. You just might be staggered how far this can take you.
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Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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