Friday 15 November 2013

So the adults are back in charge are they? LOL or TOA?

Australia's new Prime Minister Tony Abbott took to social media and other places in the days before our parliament opened again on Wednesday this week to proclaim "the adults are back in charge."

Then on Wednesday within the first hour politicians from all sides were up to their old tricks, name-calling, blaming and shaming, and all kinds of other childish behaviour. Laugh out loud (LOL) or TOA (tears of anguish)?

Abbott even had the temerity to announce civility should be the order of the day, he the leader of the pack by example of the greatest personal attack merchants I have seen in my lifetime.

And then yesterday the former Prime Minister resigned from the parliament and there were well wishes coming from everywhere. Two-faced these people.

Then it was back to the ducking and weaving which seem to be the mains skills of politicians, unable or unwilling, or both, to give a straight answer to anything.

We all know from our experience in organisations that if the inmates are in charge of the asylum the true purpose of the organisation cannot be fulfilled. This is the status quo in politics everywhere from what I can tell.

What is the purpose of politics?

I thought it was about making and keeping the peace, ensuring the dispensing of justice, protecting and enabling the rights of the people, and other noble causes. The reality seems to be the Machiavellian idea that the only aim of politics is to preserve and enhance political power.

What say you? What is the purpose of politics? What do we the people need to do to restore this purpose?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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