Tuesday 3 December 2013

Don't be like Tony

The Australian Government has changed their mind about Education policy 3 times this week prompting Prime Minister Tony Abbott to say "We will keep the promises we made, not the promises some people think we made."

Tony clearly doesn't understand that perception is reality.

When in opposition Tony and his colleagues continually berated the then government about trust. As a government in less than 90 days Tony's team have demonstrated that they can't be trusted and are coming across as old ideas men (there is only one woman in their leadership team) out of touch with the modern world.

Don't be like Tony.

Only make promises you will keep. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from keeping a promise, tell the truth about the circumstances. People can accept the truth. We don't accept spin and just plain lies.

Only talk about trust if you are trustworthy.

One of Tony's other big statements is that "the adults are back in charge." The daily childish behaviour that has followed has made a mockery of such a statement.

Don't be like Tony.

Don't be grandiose, be grateful you have the opportunity to lead and become a leader worth following.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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