Monday 30 June 2014

You don’t need social media to build and grow a successful business!

This year I've focused very little on social media. My work is all about personal connection with people by phone, Skype/G+, and in person. I am using technology yet what really matters is humanity. I’ve enhanced relationships. Results have trebled. When everyone else is zigging, there’s great advantage in zagging.

My strategy and execution is well supported by research by Robin Dunbar and others. The research: face to face is superior to everything else.

Check out Mr. Dunbar’s humourous TED Talk about this and other insights.

I have long used Dunbar’s number (150) as a key to my business success and particularly the relationships that lead to the success. I have also helped many of my clients to understand that trying to maintain relationships with more than 150 people is a fools errand.

Dunbar speaks about an inner circle of 5 people in his talk. That’s how it is for me. I have about 15 people in a second circle. I can thank these wonderful folk for having a hand in obtaining 80% of my clients.

Bottom line
You don’t need social media to build and grow a successful business!

The key about social media is that it’s social and media! Is it valuable? Yes. I am not saying it isn’t. The real work though is to use technology to add value to human relationships. A key is having those relationships in the first place. Millions of people are missing this. Don’t be one of them.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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