Wednesday 20 April 2016

Introspection and Integration are more valuable than innovation

Innovation is the result of successfully implementing an idea. 

And such success has much to do with the journey undertaken prior - information became insight which became inspiration and imagination, and then ideas emerged. 

Identification of which idea would be given the investment to fly was a crucial step.

Of course everything is for nought without successful implementation.

For many innovation, the result of implementation, is seen as the end game.

In order to sustain the momentum brought about by the innovation two further steps are essential - introspection and integration.

Introspection is reflections on milestones and success metrics. And, it's reaching shared-view about what’s worth celebrating and what can be better.

Integration means integrating learning from the innovation into whatever else is working well for you and agreeing on the next one thing that will sustain momentum. 

This full process (as pictured below) is a never-ending journey. 

Which parts of this process could you improve? 

Your answer and taking decisive action will see you stand out from the crowd.

Be remarkable.

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