Monday 12 February 2018

Failure of execution is different to the failure of an invention

HT to Jeff Bezos in this video for the headline of this post.

To guarantee execution help your people to capture their piece of the execution plan on a page. Below is mine to show you what one looks like. It was developed in the context of the new world of work (see also pictured below).

I was a pioneer in the creation of these kind of plans 27 years ago. When such plans are used as focusing tools for candid and convivial conversations about performance it's never long in my experience before performance gets better.

When anybody invents anything that doesn't succeed learn from what happened and what didn't, and then move on. Failing at inventing is essential.

There's no excuse for failing at execution. Such failure means people haven't yet bought into your strategy, they don't fully have their piece of the execution plan, or their plan doesn't enable them to be remarkable and to do work that's meaningful to them and highly valuable to others.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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