Wednesday 25 September 2019

Is anyone actually endeavouring to find a cure for cancer?

Excuse me sir "Will you support research to help find a cure for cancer?" says the kid rattling the tin.

I say no I won't. Not without fully knowing who will be doing the research, what previous research they are building on, and who else is funding the research.

The following is taken from the Cancer Council of Victoria's 2018 Director's Report. I can't see anywhere that they are actually trying to find a cure for cancer. I assumed it would have to be part of their activities.

The more I look there and elsewhere I get the same result. Is anyone actually endeavouring to find a cure for cancer? 

My wife and I are both cancer survivors. We've both been given death sentences. We have met a lot of caring people in the medical world, yet no-one, never, has ever talked to us about cures so we do our own research and get on with living.

We're learned that diet, exercise and attitude are the 3 keys to living well.  We have also learned that there are many, many alternatives available to the chemicals most doctors prescribe and that actually in general terms have a very low success rate.

What's your experience/awareness? 

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