Friday 17 January 2020

Why decision-making is an essential skill to thriving in the new world of work

Sound decision making is an essential skill to thriving in the new world of work. In this world humans are being remarkable and doing work that is meaningful for them and highly valuable for others. In this new world machines have taken over the simple, routine repetitive work.

Decision-making is human work

I am no longer surprised by people in organisations who are perplexed at decisions made by leaders, because more than 50% of such decisions turn out to be the wrong decisions.

From two decades of research by Dr Paul Nutt of Ohio State University and involving hundreds of organisations 3 key reasons why 50% of decisions fail were discovered:

"1) 1/3 driven by ego.

2) nearly 2/3 of executives never explore alternatives once they make up their mind.

3) 80% of managers push their decisions through by persuasion or edict and not by the value of their idea."

Should any of the above be happening in your organisation what change/s can you make beginning today?

Another big problem that I see Lack of Transparency

For BIG decisions never make a decision until all the angles have been thoroughly viewed and debated.

Have a process!

Below is what I give to my clients to get them started. NB NEDS = Needs, Expectations and Desires.

Having a process means transparency of decision making which means greater acceptance and higher support for decisions.

Having a process also means a greater likelihood of

  • buy-in by those affected by the decision.
  • higher probability of making the right decision,
  • less poor decisions!
  • and less decisions You need to make in the first place!

The third problem I see is leaders unnecessarily involving themselves in decisions they shouldn't be

If this is happening at your place carry out a review as soon as practical to ensure that every day decisions are being made by the people doing the work and who are involved in customer/client transactions and interactions. Make sure that they are genuinely empowered to make decisions and that you have clarity with them about how they will be held to account.

Be remarkable.

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