Tuesday 21 September 2021

What's your role in bringing the new world to life? (part two of four)

This is part two of four.

I'm using this model as a process.

Here's part one about personal philosophies.

There's much to love about this book. 

Three aspects that I love in particular are:

1) The idea of exponential humanism "the philosophy to find a way forward that will allow us to embrace technology but not become technology, to use it as a tool not as purpose."

2) The concept of "key human indicators" as a far better way forward than the traditional and tired KPI's.

3) The insight of androrithms "those qualities that makes us human" having more meaning than algorithms.

I believe our personal value behaviours and our shared values behaviours are key to bringing Gerd's insights into reality in your own best way.

Personal Values Behaviours

I have five foundational personal values behaviours as follows:

1) Tender-hearted - I let people know they are valued, understood and that they have been heard.

2) Tough-minded - I call out less than agreed standards of behaviour.

3) Tolerance - I celebrate diversity and honour opinions and beliefs different to my own.

4) Truth-telling - I tell the truth as I see it regardless of the situation.

5) Trustworthiness - I never break confidentiality and always keep my promises.

What are your foundational personal values behaviours?

I live eight heart qualities: love, gratitude, appreciation, care, happiness, compassion, harmony, kindness.

You can watch a video and read about them in detail here.

I wrote about these eight heart qualities, and the eight head catalysts and eight hand actions that support them, in my book Heart Leadership Become the wise leader you want to be. Learn more.

What other personal values behaviours in addition to your foundational personal values do you have?

Shared Values Behaviours

The concept of shared-view is fundamental to everything I teach and work on with my clients. 

There's a complimentary self-directed online course with short videos and podcasts here that you can undertake in an hour or so about the seven areas of significance where sustaining shared-view is paramount. The seven are reality, possibility, purpose, strategy, execution, progress, culture. 

Critical to culture is have a shared-view about what the behaviours are for our shared values.

What are your shared values behaviours in your team, peer groups, sporting club, community organisations, family, wherever you belong?

Please give me a call should you like some help.

Here's some further resources and insights that I have found highly valuable

There's two short videos in this post Values Must Be Behaviours. In this post I also reference Dov Seidman's work about the great difference between 'sustainable values' and 'situational values.' There's a list of other insights and resources at the bottom of the post.

I love Brene Brown's work and her complimentary download about values behaviours is very good. Get it here.

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