Monday 13 June 2022

SD X SV + OMofCTC = being the best I can be

This post builds on Friday June 3rd post about Being the best we can be and behaving decently.

I've been giving this further thought and have expanded the suggested actions.

SD X SV + OMofCTC = being the best I can be. 

Self-development multiplied by shared-view plus ongoing mastery of conversations that count = being the best you can be and behaving decently.

Here are the seven keys of self-development:

1. Know yourself.
2. Hear your hear first, engage your mind second.
3. See, hear and understand others.
4. Play to your strengths.
5. Communicate with clarity, confidence and certainty.
6. Present with presence, purpose and through stories that inspire.
7. Collaborate.

Here are the 12 foundations of shared-view:

Macro level

1. Reality.
2. Possibility.
3. Purpose.
4. Strategy.
5. Execution.
6. Progress.
7. Culture.

Micro level

8. Values behaviours.
9. Purpose of roles.
10. Outputs for each role.
11. How people are inspired to feel valued.
12. Other non-negotiables.

There's a complimentary online course here on the macro seven. I'll be doing videos over the next few months on the micro five, as well the seven keys of self-development.

Here are the 15 conversations that count:

1. Heart flow.
2. Process-practice review.
3. Self-talk.
4. Aspirations/Appreciation/Accountability.
5. Feedforward.
6. Feedback.
7. How’s things going?
8. Just being there.
9. Values behaviours.
10, After-action-reviews.
11. Mentor Moments.
12. Peer group.
13. Peer review.
14. Values exchange and delivery.
15. Weekly Check-ins.

Become the wise leader you want to be by turning the above lists into meaningful work for you.

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