Wednesday 19 September 2007

Cultural Intelligence™

I have just read the latest issue of Cultural Intelligence™ a great newsletter that is always full of really good stuff about building workplace cultures that matter. The editor Steve Simpson is a friend and colleague who I have had work with my clients with remarkable results. Steve is another who is bringing our new world to life. Check out the newsletter here

Be remarkable

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Anonymous said...

Ian, thanks for the introduction to Steve and his UGRs - Unwritten Ground Rules. We talk a lot today about how complex our modern workplace and our world is, yet when it's all reduced down to common denominators there are some very simple messages underneath. It's people like Steve that seem to be able to cut through the complexity to quite core stuff that is fundamentally very simple. Another person like this is Steve Lundin, author of FISH - such a simple message but so powerful. I was at a presentation in the last week where Steve Lundin presented his latest book CATS which is on Innovation and what organisations need to do to create a culture of innovation. Actually he says its people who innovate, not organisations. The message in CATS is also very simple.