Monday 24 March 2008

Strategy and Tactics. Do you have both?

David Burchell a teacher in the school of humanities at the University of Western Sydney wrote a very interesting piece in the Weekend Australian 22, 23 March 2008 suggesting the Rudd government “has many ideas but no guiding thread and soon it will be to late to define one.”

Many organisations suffer from this, what I call being clear on tactics but unclear on strategy!

Strategy precedes tactics. We must bear execution in mind when we determine strategy however we easily muddy the waters if we try to determine strategy and tactics at the same time.

Strategy is the reference point from which we make all decisions about our future direction. It is the guiding light. Tactics are about the who, when, and how. We confuse them at our peril, and to have tactics with no clear strategy means we are going somewhere, however most likely not to the place we really want to go.

Strategy and tactics. Do you have both?

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