Wednesday 26 November 2008

I left my wallet in a taxi and got it back!

I left my wallet in a taxi yesterday and got it back. What’s more there was nothing missing out of it. I paid the taxi driver and got out of the cab and retrieved my briefcase from the boot. Then I went to put the receipt in my wallet only to discover I don’t have my wallet. By now the taxi has gone and despite the best efforts of the hotel concierge to chase after it, all to no avail. One concierge guy was brilliant in how quickly he telephoned the taxi company and using the cab registration number on my receipt eventually got onto the driver who returned my wallet intact.

Perhaps I was lucky. Perhaps it is because of the overall honesty of the people in Singapore. Perhaps it was the speed of the concierge. The following things I know. I felt encouraged by the good of humanity, that honesty is the best policy, and that little things make a big difference.

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