Wednesday 12 November 2008

We all need to occassionally go ‘walkabout’

I very much enjoyed reading an interview with celebrated filmmaker Baz Luhrmann in The Weekend Australian Magazine November 1-2 2008 by Christine Jackman about the film he is making, ‘Australia’, the most expensive Australian film ever made that is due out in a few weeks.

Luhrmann has this to say about ‘walkabout’ an Australian Aboriginal custom. “The thing about walkabout, as I understand it, is that when you lose connection with yourself you go walkabout. You leave your physical world behind and find your other half - the other half of yourself - and you have a good talk until you’re one again, and you go on with the journey of your life. That happened to me in the journey of this film.”

Great filmakers like Luhrmann are a part of the modern day fraternity of bards, that includes writers and speakers. We tell the story of humanity, past, present, and future.

Been ‘walkabout’ lately? Doing so is a part of being a builder of our new world.

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