Saturday 24 January 2009

The Difference Makers Community

The following are some of my observations about who difference makers are and what they do.

Difference makers:
*put other people first
*never knowingly do anything that harms our planet
*show kindness at every opportunity
*speak up about issues affecting the welfare of people, our planet, and for peace
*have a cause beyond profit
*don’t wait for other people to take action
*serve without attachment to getting back
*put people and the planet before profits
*strive for a shared view being prepared to let go previously held view/s
*turn information into insight
*turn insight into inspiration and ideas
*perservere until ideas are successfully implemented (innovation)
*pick themselves up and dust themselves off when ideas don’t work or fail
*inspire others by example
*co-create workplace cultures that are empowering and often like great families
*give away a percentage of their income
*know how much is enough
*raise children who take personal responsibility
*volunteer to help others less fortunate than themselves
*see themselves as global citizens who know that what they do has huge effects locally, nationally, and internationally

If the above is you, then you may wish to join The Difference Makers Community which I formed on the 1st November last year. There is no fee for the online discussion forum membership. A second level of membership, Torchbearers, requires a one off fee of $275.

Torchbearer Members of The Difference Makers Community have unlimited access to a life-long learning vault where there are tools, templates, tips, techniques, podcasts, ebooks, and all kinds of resources, to help people make a difference. Torchbearer members also get access to my around the world Coffee Stop Schedule, meaning we can meet for coffee and chat about making a difference, and maybe take action together.

Further information here or download the PDF
You can either join online or simply send me an email asking to join and I will send you an invitation.

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