Wednesday 3 March 2010

Differencemakers Master-Class Tour - 12 cities, 7 countries

I am very excited to let you know that this year the master-class has been extended to a one day program and that I will be sharing the platform with Torchbearer member of differencemakers community and Innovator of the Year Alexander Blass, as well as a special guest speaker who is based in each of the 12 cities and 7 countries the master-class will be held in.

Our schedule is:

Dubai 21st June 2010
Toronto 13th July
Chicago 15th July
Manchester 27th July
Oxford 29th July
Singapore 17th August
Perth 19th August
Melbourne 24th August
Sydney 26th August
Brisbane 31st August
Auckland 2nd September
Adelaide 7th September

Alexander and I are fully energized by our research into and design of this master-class and are raring to go. Our master-class will bring together three powerful forces of responsibility, sustainability, and innovation into one awesome force for good. Our aim is to mobilise the world to take the next essential steps in the evolution of the systems and structures that govern the world so that we no longer offer yesterdays solutions to todays challenges rather create tomorrow today.

Find out more about the tour here.

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