Thursday 25 March 2010

What cause makes you jump out of bed every morning?

The Harvard Business Review blog of 12th March 2010 makes very interesting reading and reporting that Indian companies are doing well because they do good.

Of course this is no secret to readers of this blog! I have been writing about how doing good is great for business for nearly two decades!

What I find particularly interesting about this HBR blog by Peter Cappelli is the findings My colleagues and I recently completed a study of Indian businesses based around interviews with the leaders of 100 of the biggest companies in India (the basis of our book The India Way.) Every executive interviewed described the main objective of their company in terms of a social mission.

Nobel Prize winner, author of Creating a world without poverty, founder of perhaps the most successful social enterprise on our planet, The Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus believes that the successful future for all organisations will have a lot to do with travelling the social enterprise path.

What is your social mission? What is your cause?

A great question to ask to find out what our social mission is comes from The Chief Community Officer of Meetup and author of The Culting of Brands Douglas Atkin:

What do you want to have happen? If you’re not out to cause anything then you might as well go back to bed.

What cause or social mission makes you jump out of bed every morning?

You can read Peter Cappelli’s full HBR article here.

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