Wednesday 23 June 2010

Chasing followers on social media is fantasy - the key is the second degree

It is not who you know.
It is not who knows you.
It is who knows you who is prepared to recommend you to who knows them. 
In other words the key is the second degree away from you, rather than the people directly connected to you.
I laugh every time I see a tweet that suggests 1000 ways to get more followers.  Who cares?  

The number of followers we have is irrelevant.  What matters is how many friends and fans we have.  Friends may buy our products and services or more than likely tell other people about our products and services.  Fans do both.
I recently analyzed my LinkedIn connections.  At the time I had 583 connections.  Who do they know?  At the time 197,500 people! So when I do the right thing by my 583 first degree connections I have the possibility of them referring me to more people than I would ever need in my business in my lifetime. The key is the second degree.
Something else interesting I noted while doing my LinkedIn review. Just over a quarter of my 583 connections are my market.  The rest are my mates.
This is both good and better news.  The good news is that I have 152 possible clients that I already have a relationship with.  The better news.  I have 431 friends (some are fans too!) who could possibly refer me to other people.
Some questions for you:
Are you focused on attracting followers or friends and fans?
Are you careful when using social media to provide value to your market that is different to the value you provide your mates?
I would be very interested in your thoughts.
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Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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