Tuesday 1 March 2011

Are you a card carrying member of Generation G?

I read a lot online about Generation C (folk born after 1990) - connected, communicating, computerized.

I don’t believe for a minute however that 24/7 access to digital devices, as great as this is, means we are connected or good at communication, in fact the opposite can be the case.

We are in danger of losing both the art of real human connection and real communication, as well as the big C is my view, compassion!

While I accept the rise and influence of Generation C, I feel the rise of Generation G, where the G stands for generosity, will be a greater influence on the future of the world.

You can find out more about Generation G in an excellent post here by Trendwatching.com

One practical way to embrace Generation G is to become a member, like me via differencemakers community, of Buy1Give1. See how here.

…the future face of capitalism, say authors John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio in their new book Spend Shift will be defined by delivering value and values. I have been saying this and helping my clients to actually do this for two decades, so it is nothing new, however what could be new is that the masses embrace this new kind of capitalism.

Are you a card carrying member of Generation G?

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