Thursday 17 March 2011

Missions matter - mission statements don’t

I came across a brilliant blog via a discussion on LinkedIn group Association & Convention Innovators. The blog by Dan Pallotta in Harvard Business Review Do You Have a Mission Statement, or Are you on a Mission? hits the target on why some organisations are thriving, others are barely surviving, and some are going South at a rapid rate, namely talk and no action.

You can read Dan’s blog here.

Here are my thoughts on the pointlessness of vision, mission, and value statements unless they are lived.

In The Culting of Brands Douglas Atkin asks:
What’s your cause?
What do you want to have happen? If you’re not out to cause anything then you might as well go back to bed.

What’s your cause, your mission?
and, did you leap out of bed today with it at the forefront of your mind?
and, are you living it, every minute, of every day?

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make a real difference
leave a legacy
do something pioneering, breathtaking, and truly innovative
do well by doing good i.e. thrive in your business and solve a problem in your world at the same time
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