Friday 7 October 2011

The fruits and failures of free

I give away lots of digital content via blogs, articles, videos, slideshares, you name it. I give away lots of hard earned wisdom in discussion forums, and,
I give lots of in person time to people for free.

For what? Good question!

I give without attachment to getting back. The paradox is I do have an expectation that free will lead to fee some of the time.

My experience is that there is now such an expectation of free that the lines are blurred between what is free and what is fee.

I now have great relationships with people that would not have began if it were not for social media/networking. The amount of business that has resulted is miniscule compared to the time, energy, and money invested.

I posted the above on LinkedIn and Triiibes. There has been some brilliant observations and input. Please check them out here
and here if you are a member of Triiibes.

I am very interested in your thoughts. What are the fruits and failures of free for you?

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