Monday 3 October 2011

Profit is not a reason for being in business

This weeks sparkenation.

When I first made the following statement 20 years ago to a group of CEOs it is fair to say there was not a lot of agreement in the room!

“Profit is not a reason for being in business rather a result of being good at business.”

Today I get a very different response from enlightened leaders.

Are you confusing reason with results?

Please read these two excellent articles:
Sustainability Leadership : Shift or Show by Andrea Learned
and The Wisdom of Family Firms: Lessons Learned from the Financial Crisis by Dr Pablo Hafner.

Reflect and answer: Are you confusing reason with results?
Your answers can have a profound effect on your life and your business. Do your work.

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Anonymous said...


I agree but are not profit a reason why you step in to the business world? We want to make money, or maybe it is a result of feeling sucess, that you want to have achieved something. Because that is what seperates entrepreneurs from "normal" people. So maybe businesses arises from that entrepreneurs have a natural feeling of that they have responsiblity for others, to bring the society forward and secure sustainability.