Monday 21 November 2011

A cure for all management ills

This weeks sparkenation.

I was most fortunate that my first management mentor 40 years ago taught me a principle I later discovered was a philosophy of Goethe. My paraphrase "See people as they are and they can only get worse. See people as they can be and they can only get better."

This attitude to people is a cure for all management ills. At least it is the beginning of such!

I have embraced this principle my whole working life.

It is breathtakingly simple. Simple rarely means easy in practice and so
20 years ago I first dedicated my life's work to that of inspiring leaders and managers to live Goethe's principle. I have partnered with 100's of people who now use this philosophy in their own way.

Today I describe my quest as helping people passionate about change to break free from the status quo and turn possibility into reality.

The status quo is sucking the life of of us. Just think politicians and global financial crisis 2.0 for a second. I don't see any wisdom whatsoever being put forward, just the same old crap. The only thing that stops me from joining in the protests is that I see politicians and financial leaders as they could be rather than as they are!

I am on a quest to change the world one leader/manager at a time. I believe business to be the last bastion of hope.

My Changing What's Normal book is my manifesto for replacing the status quo when same no longer serves us. It is the book I always wanted to write and judging by the feedback of people who have read it, and done their work, I am thrilled that I spent the decade I did thinking about it and then two years researching and writing it.

In my book there are 58 sparkenations. A sparkenation is a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal.

The key is not my sparkenations however, what's really important is what you hear yourself say to yourself when you hear them, see them, or read them,
and then what you do that you have never done before.

You can get your copy of my book by enrolling in one, two, or all three of my Changing What's Normal webinars. The next series is on 1st, 8th, and 15th December.

If you are put off by the stench of status quo and you genuinely want to do something to change what's normal, please join me online for one, two or all three of these webinars.

It may be the best $40 (one webinar), $75 (two webinars) or $100 (all three webinars) you have ever invested.
Details are at here.

Be the difference you want to see in the world
Author of Changing What's Normal
I partner with people passionate about change who want to break free from the status quo and accelerate turning possibility into reality

More sparkenations are here.

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