Thursday 23 May 2013

Win/win/win/win in the moments that really matter

The four moments of truth for customers

Procter and Gamble coined the phrase "First Moment of Truth" to describe the first few seconds when a customer in a shop sees a product and decides to buy it. 

P & G also coined the phrase "Second Moment of Truth" i.e. when people get home and experience what they have bought for the first time.

Recently Google has added a third moment of truth "Zero Moment of Truth", the moment before people buy.  Download an ebook and a handbook about ZMOT.

Even more recently Brian Solis has added a fourth moment of truth for customers - UMOT “Ultimate Moment of Truth” when after using your product or service customers share their experience with others.  I added Brian’s excellent book What’s the Future of Business? changing the way businesses create experiences, to my recommended reading list.

All four moments of truth for customers really matter to the success of your business.

Even more important for me are moments of truth for employees who after all create the first three moments of truth for customers.

Are you catching your employees doing things right?  Do you show appreciation to people in these moments?  

And when an employee doesn’t quite do things right, do you berate them or help them learn and be more accountable next time?

Every interaction and transaction with employees and customers matters.  
Some moments matter most.  What are these moments for you and how will you ensure they are win/win/win/win. A win for your employees, your customers, the world, and yourself.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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