Monday 5 May 2014

A key to achieving great results is overcoming resistance

In my Changing What's Normal book I refer to Steven Pressfield’s great little book Do the work.

Steven says resistance is the number 1 enemy to our success.

I couldn’t agree more.  Failure to overcome resistance is the biggest reason two out of every three change initiatives fail.

As is always the case, all change is personal first.

What are you resisting?

Are you resisting
doing the exercise you know you should? 
cutting out the snacks in between meals?
having the hard conversation you have been avoiding?

What are you resisting?

Maybe you’re resisting making the call you have been putting off, or seeing your doctor about that little dark mark on your skin you are not sure about.

Maybe you’re resisting saying something about the poor service you received last week at what used to be your favourite restaurant, or maybe you’re resisting calling your long lost friend or family member.

Every day you are resisting doing stuff you know you should be doing.

Continuing to resist is holding you back.  And when you are holding yourself back you miss out on the magnificence of life, the little and big things that really matter.

For about $8 on Amazon you could buy Steven Pressfield’s Do the work book.
Will you or will you resist this too?

Choice. Watch the video by Steven Pressfield I refer to in the prologue to my Changing What's Normal book.  Do the work was my inspiration for my saying do your work at the end of each chapter.

If you are really serious about bringing everything remarkable that you are to everything you do, you would watch the video right now.  It’s here.

And then you would get on Amazon and get Steven’s book and Do Your Work.  It’s a hour or so read.

If you don’t learn to kill resistance in your own way and then keep it at bay you are selling yourself short and consigning your life to mediocrity like most other people.

I read Do the work often. And I make changes.
Sometimes it’s hard, really hard.  Usually it’s simple.
Always it’s rewarding.

Choose and get on with it.

My meditation is that you will do your work, fight resistance with every fibre in your body, overcome it, and achieve the great results you can.

Life is definitely too short to let ourselves be beaten by resistance.

This post Defeat your enemy by Gary Ryan will help you.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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