Sunday 21 December 2014

It's what we give every day that really matters

This Sunday's sparkenation.

The following words in Paul McGee's latest newsletter got me thinking

"Whatever your reason for the season it's worth remembering this:
True fulfilment in life comes from experiencing the most joys, not acquiring the most toys."

I admit to not being all that fond of Christmas. This stems in part from being born on Christmas Eve. The only thing worse would be being born on Christmas Day! Us Christmas children get over it of course when we get that it's not about us!

My annoyance is more about the focus on giving (or is it the focus on receiving) once a year.

To me it's what we give every day that really matters.

Whatever your reason for the season I wish you well. More I wish you the joy that comes from giving every day.

And I wish that you will give to others every day in 2015 your greatest gift, that of living the best one-of-a-kind life that you can live.

Be remarkable.

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