Wednesday 3 December 2014

The Significant Six

Welcome to post 3 in a series of 7 this week, all designed to add value to you as you seek to sustain your remarkability and also to let you know group tour times where I personally show you what is available to you 24/7 should you take up membership of my Maverick Thinkers Studio.

Remember until midnight on December 7th you can take up two months membership for one months investment. You might prefer the self-directed achievement option which is just $55 per month. Find out more here.

The next group tours are on today December 3rd at 5 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time and tomorrow December 4th at 7.30 am Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time.

Please email me nominating the tour you want to join and I will send you the link.

I have also set aside the next 4 days to conduct 1:1 tours. To schedule your private tour please telephone me on +61 (0) 418 807 898 anytime between 8.30 am and 8.30 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time.

If I was to ask any of your employees what is the strategy for moving from where you are to where you want to be in a years time in your business, would your people be able to give me a succinct one sentence answer?

Strategy is like a compass. It’s the reference point for all decisions you and your employees make in your business. The ability of people to describe your strategy in a sentence tells me how much they own it and have bought into it.

If I then asked any of your employees Can you please show me your unique piece of the strategy execution map? would they immediately be able to access it?

Execution is like a quilt map. Every person has a piece and they need to know and have co-created precisely what it is otherwise you can forget about your strategy being fully executed.

The above are just two of what I call the significant six because when the six are in place it’s possible for people to consistently bring their best to their work. When the six are not in place, remarkable results in your business are not possible.

In the tours of my studio I will share with you more about the significant six, why they really matter for your peace of mind and the prosperity of your business, and how you can enact them in your own way.

Will you join me for a group tour, or contact me for a private tour?

Be remarkable

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