Sunday 15 March 2015

The first step to winning your greatest leadership challenge

This Sunday's sparkenation.

The greatest challenge for all leaders is that there is a gap between what people do and what they’re capable of doing. This of course has massive implications for your business, let alone your life/work harmony, and your peace of mind. Read/watch more about this here.

The first step to winning this challenge is to ensure you’re doing what you’re capable of doing. Soon you’ll discover what you don’t know that you’re capable of doing. When you do that not only does everything change for you personally, you become an inspiring role model for others to change too.

I describe this as the personal change journey as pictured below. All remarkable leaders travel this path.

Self-leadership precedes leading for others and leading for change. What’s the next step you’ll take?

Be remarkable.

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Self-leadership is everyone's business with special guest Andrew Bryant. Online Tuesday March 24th.

Preview workshop Ian Berry's Personal and Business Accelerator program In Ballarat March 25th.

Performance management is dead. Long live performance leadership with special guest Dan Groch. Online Tuesday April 21st.

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