Monday 29 June 2015

27 ways to become a better leader|mentor today

Half the year is gone. The following have been the reoccurring themes in my candid and convivial conversations with clients both in person and in camera:

1. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job - Jim Rohn.

2. Invest at least 20% of your time, energy and money working on your business (with thanks to Michael Gerber).

3. See your number one role as helping other people to discover and enhance their gifts (talents).

4. Help everyone to see themselves as remarkable and then help them to become who they see.

5. See yourself as remarkable and become who you see.

6. Change with the people using them any policy, procedure, practice, process, or system that doesn't mean it's simple for people to bring their best to their work every day.

7. Systematise the sh?t i.e. everything that happens more than once create simple systems anyone can follow.

8. Understand that repetition is the mother of skill (with thanks to Tony Robbins).

9. Ensure people have accountability to make decisions at every transaction and interaction with other people points of your business.

10. For major decisions have a process that is transparent so that people can see the logical and emotional steps you made to arrive at your decision.

11. Simplify your strategy into a sentence.

12. Help people create their own unique piece of your execution map.

13. Co-create a culture of candour where people are having candid and convivial conversations about their piece of your execution map every day.

14. Ensure that appreciating people when they do well and helping them to be accountable when they don't are integral to daily conversations.

15. Compete with yourself. Take responsibility for your intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

16. Collaborate and let other people be responsible for their intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

17. Co-create a shared-view about how your values will be lived behaviourially.

18. Give people immediate feedback when you see them living your values and when they don't.

19. Co-create and maintain a shared-view with people about where you are (reality; what is), where you're going (possibility; what can be); why your going there (purpose), how you'll get where you're going (strategy), who'll do what and when (execution; role clarity, execution plans, conversations), how you'll know you're on track (milestones; lead measures), how you'll behave along the way (culture, values)..

20. Respectfully and with dignity let go any person not in alignment with shared-view. Everyone has a place, just maybe not at your place.

21. Stop saying you don't have time. You have 168 hours every week and what you do with every second is your choice.

22. Make a list at the end of every month as to what you'll stay doing, stop doing and start doing, and follow it.

23. Say please, thank you, and I love you. They're still the most powerful words in our language.

24. Stay focused on reasons, relationships and routines. Result follow.

25. Focus on lead measures. Detach from outcomes.

26. Maintain an "attitude of gratitude." no matter what happens.

27. Be kind.

What would you add any to the above? I'd love to know your thoughts. Please email and I'll share them in future posts.

Be remarkable.

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