Sunday 1 November 2015

The one thing Kiwi's and Wallabies didn't have in common

This is a sequel to my post The one thing Kiwi's and Wallabies have in common. You can read it here.

Firstly I congratulate The All Blacks on winning the Rugby World Cup yesterday, the first team to win three, and the first to win back to back (4 years apart).

A long term plan and the willingness and ability to execute it I believe was the key differentiator in the end. 

A year ago the Wallabies were in disarray, so they do deserve credit for going as fas as they did.

With the benefit of hindsight they were unlikely to be able to stay the distance with an All Blacks team (players, coaches, and many others) consciously, carefully, and methodically executing a plan with everyone knowing and owning their role and fulfilling it.

I've always said worry is a wasted emotion. You have to plan for some of these things. We knew we could possibly have someone in the bin at some stage, so it's just a matter of making sure you have everyone knowing what they have to do.
All Blacks coach Steve Hansen as quoted in this article.

The image above featuring Hansen and captain Riche McCaw from Getty suggests to me a calmness about and an ownership of roles.

In my 25 years as a mentor for business owners and leaders the greatest work done by my clients has been:

a willingness to identify the value that needs to be delivered to all stakeholders,
create roles without people in mind that deliver such value,
match people to roles,
and provide people with whatever inspiration, support, encouragement etc etc that is needed for them to fulfill their role.

What lessons can you learn from the All Blacks (and the Wallabies!) and imitate them in your own way for the long term success of your business?

Be remarkable.

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