Monday 9 November 2015

My personal life is just fine, it's my business life I want back!

I offered complimentary 'I Want My Life Back' clinics via this post and in emails to people on my private mailing lists.

Two things surprised me about the great response:

1) more than 50% of people who booked in their clinic were responding to a forward of the post/email by others with a note from a colleague like "I reckon this would be great for you!"

2) Having now conducted several clinics, 44% of people (while fessing up to challenges in living a vital and fulfilling personal life) are sharing that getting their business life back is their big hurdle.

Unconsciously I may have been onto this considering the image below that I chose for the initial post/email.

3 common themes are evident with this 44%:

1) The 'more with less' mantra is still an expectation from out of touch with reality bosses who haven't yet embraced the wonderful concept of 'less but better'.

2) High achievers are not being rewarded in ways perceived to be commensurate with performance.

3) Many people are struggling to have the candid and convivial conversations essential with employees performing below agreed levels.

Should any of the above be relevant to your situation contact me on +61 418 807 898 to book in your complimentary 'I Want My Life Back or 'I Want My Business Life Back' clinic.

Be remarkable.

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