Friday 22 January 2016

The essential gift all remarkable leaders have

Over the past 25 years I've had the honour and privilege to work up close and personal with more than 1000 leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries.

The most remarkable of these leaders have a gift (talent) that they're enhancing every day.

They are willing and able to
see and treat people as the one-of-a-kind human being 
that each of us is.

We can all do this.

Leadership is about people. At heart I believe,
Leadership is the art of ensuring people feel valued.

Management is about process. At heart I believe,
Management is the practice of ensuring processes (including policies, procedures, practices and systems) mean it's simple for people to live values and deliver value.

Employees feeling valued, living values and delivering value is the fundamental formula for success in every business, everywhere.

Be remarkable.

Celebrating 25 years in 2016 of working with 'salt of the earth' leaders, who work bloody hard, and are looking for ways to do less, yet achieve better business results, while living a vital and fulfilling personal life.

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