Wednesday 9 March 2016

Evolving Your Business Yet Staying True To The One Thing You Do Best

I'm very much enjoying studying this book by one of my heroes Nancy Duarte, and her colleague Patti Sanchez. Stay tuned for my Amazon review!

One thing that's great about the book so far is the candid reflection of the evolving journey of the Duarte organisation and their struggles to articulate the one thing they do best.

I also love the concept of 'Torchbearer Leadership' because of how Nancy and Patti describe it, and also because of my long standing embracing of the insight myself.

Early in 2004 I provided online learning for a special group of my clients who became known as The Torchbearer Tribe.

This was all about the insight of leaders being people who shine the light on possibility for others. Internally we even had a logo as pictured!

When my Changing What's Normal book came out in 2011 I changed the group's name to The Changing What's Normal Talent Enhancers Tribe to reflect the idea that all leaders are 'Change Champions' and that the number one role of leadership is to unleash and enhance people's gifts (talents).

The group's name changed again in 2014 when I added Maverick Thinking to the equation of being a Torchbearer, Change Champion and Gift Enhancer.

Recently the group name has changed yet again to Better Business Results Less Personal Cost Master-mind group adding the concept that we can achieve great results without the unwanted personal costs normally associated.

What's been interesting for me to observe is that despite changing group names (which I admit has been confusing for some people) to reflect additions to thinking and action, my core work with my clients remains the same as it was when I began 25 years ago i.e. helping business owners and leaders to fully appreciate and get the best out of themselves and other people.

This year I've returned to this work being front and centre and the one thing I do. I can tell you that I now fully understand the following words by T.S. Eliot:

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

What's been the evolution of your business and how could you perhaps better articulate the one thing you do best?

Be remarkable.

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