Monday 21 March 2016

Your life only has one purpose. Your only quest is to live it.

This is the third in a series of seven suggestions for working on yourself in order to more fully appreciate and get the best out of yourself and other people. Links to the first two posts are below.

The Simple, Under-appreciated Power of Appreciation

An ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is the rocket that enables lift-off from what is to what can be

There's working on your business exercises too that correlate with those for working on yourself. All are in the one place in the handbook you can download here.

Your life only has one purpose. Your only quest is to live it.

We are all unique. Not a single duplicate in the 100 billion lives that have walked planet earth. When we bring our best, free of BS, we are all remarkable.

Your birth was remarkable. Being born at all is even more remarkable than our birth. For most men only one or two of the 500 billion sperm cells produced in a lifetime reach the female egg, one of less than 500 that each woman produces in her life.

The fact that any of us is alive at all says to me that every life has a profound purpose.

Robert Louis Stevenson put it this way:

To be who we are, and to become all that we are capable of becoming, is the only purpose in life.

Your greatest gift to the world and to yourself is to fulfill this purpose, and then help others to do the same.

One action you can take right now to live on purpose

Take a sheet of paper and without stopping to judge what you write down, make a list under the following statement:

Who I wish I was that I’m not yet

Then choose the one that most appeals to you right now than you can shift from what is to what can be in the next 30 days.

Make the shift.


If you need any simple, practical help with this, do give me a shout.

In appreciation.
Ian Berry

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