Wednesday 3 May 2017

Living on purpose is more pull than push

The following is taken from The Appreciative Leader handbook.

Every human being is remarkable


We are all unique.

Not a single duplicate in the 100 billion lives that have walked planet earth.

When we bring our best, free of BS, we are all remarkable.

Everyone's birth is remarkable.

Being born at all is even more remarkable. For most men only one or two of the 500 billion sperm cells produced in a lifetime reach the female egg, one of less than 500 eggs that each woman produces in her life.

The fact that any of us is alive at all says to me that every life has a profound purpose.

Robert Louis Stevenson put it this way: “To be who we are, and to become all that we are capable of becoming, is the only purpose in life.”

Being an Appreciative Leader is living this purpose and inspiring others to do the same.

2 Possible working on yourself and/or your business action

1) See yourself as remarkable. Become who you see, one small step at a time.

2) Help everyone else to see themselves as remarkable and to become who they see.

Remember that many people have forgotten they’re remarkable or haven’t even as yet realised it.

Therefore you’ll need to inspire and/or persuade some people. For now choose one person and work with them for the next 90 days.

Taking the above actions in your own best way are critical to the remarkablisation of your workplace which I believe is the quest for every purpose driven leader to ensure your business is fit for the future.

“Value is increasingly created by experiences and interactions that are not easily replicated.” says marketing and branding expert Bernadette Jiwa.

To create experiences and interactions that aren’t easily replicated requires remarkablisation and this begins with the two actions above. A consequence is pull more than push.

Be remarkable.

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