Wednesday 10 May 2017

Remarkable is the new normal

In November 2014 as part of a Q & A following one of my presentations I was asked what I believed was the world’s greatest challenge. My response in the moment surprised me. I have reflected on it a lot since. I haven’t changed my mind. My response "A lot of people need reminding, inspiring, or persuading that they’re remarkable."

Check out why we're all remarkable here.

Remarkable people don’t bully others.

Remarkable people don’t show their lack of intelligence by being violent towards others.

Remarkable people respect views and opinions that are different to theirs.

Remarkable people are passionate and persuasive yet never arrogant enough to think and act as if their way is the only way.

Remarkable people have ditched dogma and instead lead by example.

Remarkable people are not attached to their ideology, belief system, or political party bias, instead they debate ideas and then collaborate to achieve what really is good for humanity.

Remarkable people have roles not jobs. They understand that jobs are part of roles and that all roles are about relationships and delivering value to others as perceived by them.

Remarkable people are candid and authentic. They say what they mean and mean what they say.

Remarkable people promise big and deliver.

Remarkable people do their deep personal work and show it through their acute self-awareness, and therefore their willingness and ability to be highly aware of others.

When remarkable people are in the room, they’re in the room (thank you Nigel Risner).

Remarkable people share powerful stories, the kind that others can see and feel themselves in.

Remarkable people co-create cultures of candour where elephants in the room are named, and closets are absent of skeletons.

Remarkable people tell the truth as they see it, yet never in ways that are a put down of others.

Remarkable people ... Please insert your thoughts.

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My life’s work is about solving the human problem that most people don’t yet know they’re remarkable or they’ve forgotten they’re remarkable.

This of course has massive implications for well-being, productivity, and the prosperity of your business and society, let alone the ability for your business to solve the problem that is your purpose.

Imagine the difference it will make to your personal and business life when more people believe they're remarkable and act accordingly!

To help you I have produced this short workbook. Inside are 31 questions for you to answer and act on in your own best way

The download link to this workbook is here.

Be remarkable.

PS I'm conducting a special symposium online on Monday the 5th June on 'Remarkable is the new normal'. Tickets are my gift to you. Claim your present here.

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