Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The shift from knowledge to relationship workers

A great insight from the book 'Humans Are Underrated' referenced in my previous post here is about the shift from knowledge to relationship workers.

This is a common topic in my conversations with clients and a key to success in this purpose age.

"In all past ages profit was the key driver.

Knowledge was power.

During the Industrial Age society became part of the economy, arguably our biggest mistake as a human race.

It’s meant we have plundered the earth’s resources.

In the current age purpose (our reason for being in business) is the key driver.

Trust is power.

Profit is seen as it should be, a result of being good at business, not a reason for being in business."

The above is from my ebook 'Meaningful Work and The Meaning of Life'.

Should you acknowledge the shift from knowledge to relationship workers then you will find my ebook a must read. You can download it with my compliments by scrolling down here.

Be remarkable.
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