Friday 22 December 2017

What's worth celebrating?

Today I'm celebrating 44 years of marriage to my beloved Carol.

A key to our enduring love is that today isn't the only day we celebrate. We're grateful for every moment of every day.

What's worth celebrating in your life really? and What can be better?

I've been asking myself these two questions every day for more than 40 years.

I believe they're two very powerful questions because they ensure I began every day grateful and focused.

Try the above yourself for at least a month. It will help you to ensure that 2018 is your best year yet. Maybe this will become a life-long habit.

For more than a quarter of a century these two questions have been the foundation for informal and formal performance review conversations by my clients. Several clients began their team meetings with answers to these questions.

These two questions are critical in the quest of competing with yourself and collaborating with everyone else.

You can download my Changing What's Normal book with my compliments here.

Be remarkable.

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